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Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message | Sir Javaid Iqbal


It is my dream to contribute something positive to the society by shaping the character of young generation, providing standard education with the blend of Islamic values and modern teaching methodologies so Allah Almighty blessed me with a system where I can develop my team and fulfill my dream

I, Javaid Iqbal, the Chairman of Britain International College Network, post-graduate in the field of business administration, belong to a family that believes in Islamic Teaching. From mother’s lap got the guidance to be a good Muslim and a good human being. My teachers set my mind to serve the nation in the best possible way.

I firmly believe, that success comes, with a continuous effort and efforts are being headed up by three pathways:

FAIR INTENTIONS + HARD WORK + Get Prayers of Others


Allah’s Blessings


Ultimate Success

Al-Humdulillah, I am glorified to expand a network of Britain International School System which aims to shape the character of our youth by empowering an awareness of faith & dignity of our   culture in an avenue to lead them not for the educational attainments but to yield good human being for our society, nation country and the world.

In pursuit, of this noble objective and to bring, revolution in our country, BIS will faithfully, vigorously, dedicated and positively compete with local & global competitive environment in all the disciplines of life.

Sir Javaid Iqbal


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